Weekly Poetry

This Page is for updating the poems on weekly basis. I won’t say that these would be the best ones you might read on my site but yeah these do come as my favorites. Happy Reading.

  • Red Leaves|Foundation of Future

    Caress the Earth and know it’s pain

    Bloodshed of war and lives in vain

    Souls tormented and lives astray

    In and on the thoughts dismay


    Dirtied deeds, payment proceeds

    Lush green are dreams unseen


    All the while struggling ahead

    Rubbers,tires hold the stead

    Supported by tar choked to death

    Cries the Earth to hold it’s head


    Lies beneath are proofs of God

    The one we cherish for our support

    Knows his proofs, life at stake

    For each evolution it tends to shape


    Dug deep in it’s chest

    Are towers standing high

    Hiding near are slums

    Whose existence might be a lie


    Yet, the mother as the purest

    Takes the worst and gives the best

    For the hope is in the wild laugh and smile

    For a greener tomorrow might shine


    Learn from red leaves of dead

    And rise high to raise their head

    Change comes when you shall seek

    For strength finds a way in humble and meek

  • Thoughts and Dreams| Poem on Aims

    Perhaps the times change

    Along with the swift days

    Night begin to estrange

    Perhaps the other ways

    Is where the truth lays


    In middle of thoughts if being is intact

    Change is outside but essence would act

    Perhaps then one might say

    Paths change but not the way


    Dreams are conquered through sheer will

    With the aid of patience of being still

    Tackled hatred and triumph over ego

    Accepting the change and then letting go


    Dawns are splendid by sun so bright

    So is true for a moonlit night


    Drops of water on thirsty Earth

    Like some fire to a kindling hearth

    Cold but warm, rude but nice

    Honest above rest and also lies


    We are led by dreams out of sleep

    We are tested by virtues we could keep

    And yet they are forbidden to few

    Like is sun away from dew


    So, whenever we are swayed

    Think of our dreams once beautifully laid

    And trust ourselves before vigor would fade

    For iron might lie in cold for ages

    It’s when you keep striking without wages

    That the end offers to rewrite those iron pages

  • Rise Up| Chances

    Moments of pain,hours of disdain

    Fits of anger, confusions linger


    Roams around a mind so vast

    where seconds go slow and hours go fast

    Looking up is for reverie is luxury

    When the paths are same and blurry


    Choices go haywire in air

    And thereby flickers the flair


    Yet, when one strives against the odds

    Time astonishes and is summoned by lords

    One never knows what may come at moment

    Better be prepared than repent


    For chance gone is not someone else’s mistake

    But a disharmony between what you get and what you make


    Rise each day for the sun never hides

    It’s the water lying low that has to change the tides

    And once it comes in view

    The rays are enough to create something new


    Such are our lives though small but bright

    Begins in darkness and ends in light


    You may fall as pre-monsoon shower, without effect

    but it surely warns everyone to be intact

    For something ‘might’ come

    Will it be humongous or is it bum?

    The choice in end, is all yours

    The tree depends on roots for way it matures


    Each day brings one closer to the untold

    And every unknown is an opportunity lying in cold

    Learn from past apply in present

    For fate changes second by second, cent by cent


  • Change to Rise

    Rolls the tantrum of explosion

    Changes occur, erosion and corrosion

    Dust settles, takes some time

    All in rhythm and some rhyme


    Hence the earth, so big and green

    With life, as a gift for hymn


    Becomes a place for death and birth

    Becomes a place to compete for dearth


    In all the struggles, a home we seek

    a place for fragrance, humble and meek

    A place to laugh, a place to cry

    A place to live, a place to die


    Such big our hopes above the sky

    In an attempt we change and try


    We fail, we fall

    Yet, wish to stand tall

    Eyes for glory and for pride

    Feet in dirt side by side


    Human is to pain

    As pain is to gain

    Without it, success is in vain


    Realize your worth

    Rise for hearth


    Know your heart

    use your mind

    Fates wait for your start

    All yours to find

  • Humanity Exists

    The sky is same under the sun

    But difference is in the rhythm and hum

    The clouds can be silver and bright

    The same could be as hell’s dark and plight


    In the end, the eyes matter

    Look at the buildings’ glow or rubber shatter


    Though they grow each day

    The question is which way

    Species human different, yet same

    Each body, a conscience to tame


    Failure hits hard, success grins

    when whale flaps to soar in sky, it’s fins


    Great thinkers were never too sane

    A mystery unravels when you train

    And hence, we know people so might

    They know you’re your dark and your light


    Somewhere a child cries

    Complains about the toys

    Little does he know the lies

    Which founded these joys?


    Asks a man, what is world?

    Is it something gifted or something hurled?

    Wars, tension, anxiety and fear

    And burden which shoulders bear

    Yet at the end of eve

    There’s a fantasy we live


    That perhaps tomorrow will be better

    Heart’s will be warm and cool the weather

    After all, hope is all that persists

    In a world where humanity exists

  • Eyes of Pen and Paper

    Roll of stone swirls dust

    The particles unclear just like lust

    So little, too easy to ignore

    Same is palpable when grows more


    Some other time , the same dust rise

    Different looks via same eyes

    Looks as if struggle has begun

    Will move until it has won


    Such are eyes that a poet possess

    To them failure is a shade just as success


    Vastness  of our mind remains latent

    With our talent they become blatant


    They trigger a feel that feels a chance

    Step up or down in order to enhance


    Once under blistering sun, you scorch

    A metal such as heart becomes hot

    Even the line of hands applaud

    Rewrite and strike, become your own god


    One who believes is one who does

    Get to work without a fuss


    Pen and paper were never separable

    It’s them that you become capable


    Seep into the hearts with the art

    Easy is life, struggle is hard


    Observe, learn, love and teach

    Only the burden is not to preach


    Live a life worth your breathe

    Pious heart, often seethe


    Know that changes come when you think

    This world is green and red in a blink

    Rise up to your hearth, this Earth

    Build an attitude to own up your worth

  • Pages Berserk

    Yet the pages glide, gone berserk

    tainted by his own work

    Past shall not change however bad

    But till there is breath there is more to add

    What we lack is the realization that time is enough

    Hardly sufficient so a bit rough

    You have the traits of being an intellect

    The choice is yours to enact

    you are the change you seek

    Grow up and shall you be meek

    Not because grown ups are weak

    But they know your strength is in words you speak

    Look up to a tomorrow full of light

    Just like sun you too are bright

    covered some days by cloud mid flight

    It is your wish who’s rules you wish to abide

    Changes swipe can not change past

    But then there is a hope that could last

    You are not what have failed at while lost

    For pain to change is what they give as cost

  • Know Thyself| Poem on Human History

    A history of martyrdom and freedom entailed

    A journey of men who succeeded and have failed


    The lone race to use resource of dirt

    The lone race to wear clothes; pants and shirt


    The only ones who value money more

    A piece of paper to fill their store


    Along the way increased the standards of living

    Enlightenment entered preachers preached forgiving and giving


    Still, the dark clouds of doubt loom

    Development of weapons calls for doom

    The proud gilded history kept aside

    Once battle begins there are no rules to abide


    Terror stricken grief bitten goes the fight

    The winner shall decide who was right


    So much for the most brained

    At times, better are animals untamed

    They live in herds and seek to gather

    Don’t seek achievement or a hat’s feather


    Aeons of lust

    Visible on crust

    We are but dust

    Realization comes first


    Know thyself, shall you know the world

    You are your center, stir or be stirred

    Once unstable, you’ll be caught in the mess so curled

    Before that, know when to walk out of the herd

  • Everyone Goes On

    If you find a heap of happiness

    There is a prick of sadness


    Everyone has his own hard way

    But have to move, on they can’t stay


    Time’s tick n tock keeps going

    We have to be fast it’s risky if slowing


    Change in attitude

    Loss of gratitude


    Growing up you may say

    All maturing in their way

    Much things grow great

    And some start to decay


    Nothing remains the same

    Neither the face nor the fame


    Everyone is different

    Some are and some were radiant


    This journey has taught me a lot

    Fluctuating my belief in the lord


    May be all of us did

    Because back then we never hid


    Today we are afraid

    Of life, of career and of dreams once laid


    How could i hope of more

    When I can’t afford to ignore


    My cult, my passion

    Still I have to go on

    Because, like everyone I have to

    Develop a something called prominent profession

  • Tomorrow Might Not Be|An inspirational Poem

    The soft falling shower

    Seems to come from so far

    I wonder, is it a messenger of a star


    It brings the love which was due

    With a fragrance always anew


    It embraces it’s affection to the soil

    Making every member of world feel free toil


    It’s beautifully intensified voice

    Brings a sparkling fire of rejoice


    It travels all the way from that cloud of sky

    Which asks us to always watch high


    We are everything but God

    Everything comes under what we can afford


    Living life just breathing

    Might make you, for once, easing


    But look how short it is

    Compared to each wish

    Just like the shower ends

    There’s a time when you depart from your friends


    After a small time, we’ll not be here

    we’ll end the journey from the last stair


    Soon’ we’ll be memory

    So will be our kindness and fury


    Give your best in now, It’s all you possess

    Tomorrow might not be, and so goes for success


    Embrace every beauty, it’s not in water molecules

    Neither it is in sarcastic ridicules

    It’s in the drop of love,affection and peace

    It’s in the hope that hope and happiness shall never cease

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