Wishes, Desires Needn’t be True or do they?

Perhaps all our wishes were not to come true A few are better askew For desire fall short of need And the same kneels after greed Yet dreams are all worth a try They are reason why we touched the sky   Wonder what makes it differ Is it the faith or reality that infer? … Continue reading Wishes, Desires Needn’t be True or do they?

Thoughts and Dreams| Poem on Aims

Perhaps the times change Along with the swift days Night begin to estrange Perhaps the other ways Is where the truth lays   In middle of thoughts if being is intact Change is outside but essence would act Perhaps then one might say Paths change but not the way   Dreams are conquered through sheer … Continue reading Thoughts and Dreams| Poem on Aims

Souls Depart|An elegy

The lives and experience that great humans had is never said to have left the world instead they live on in hearts of admirers and followers the soul is still mystery for science but something natural for ones who believe. In the times to come the loved ones might not be with us in flesh but they will remain in heart until the ends of man kind.