Pain,Glory and Boundaries

Paradise Diaries:number 65

Successful ones have struggle story
A path trudged on till glory
Some redefine success
Some have a world to harness
Some live the moment as it was never their own
They don't jump out but shrink their zone

For life is long not that hard
All that's left  is lose yourself in the start
It might wreath pain and will hurt
but it will be you challenging comfort

Once done with our own luxury
Everyday becomes a race
Not with a world always in hurry
but with a self caught pace

Challenges increase when you strive
World was meant to survive
What's left is for you thrive

Sheer will in the failure's face
Is a mark of harmony
For a smile in style is all that stays

Hit a wall as if you are iron
For forth is only way to run
and slow is fool's option
It isn't for world but for the laugh and fun

Among many who rose
Some had luck some had skill
but pride fills those
who challenged and conquered whole of hill

Go alone if you must 
Treasures lie for you unearth
Under your heavy breath
Their are symphonies to wreath

Live now,for future is a lie
Today is the hell,heaven and the sky
The zone of comfort is vague concept
For their is nothing where you are apt
Fear no one and go boom with a bang
Nothing's gonna come while you slack

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