Paths Meet |Poems on Life

By far, not all we seek
Are humble or are meek
Some are different 
Some are quiet or are radiant
That's journey we all embark
Moments of embarrassment, passion and spark

It's all one path with many-a-turn
No one knows when does it end
On this path we fall we learn,we fail we earn
It's never straight, at times uphill mostly insane

Strolling in between, is a being being besmeared
With his own confusion of conscience and endeared
Half by sweat mostly by mind
He seems to be asking right turn to bind
Maybe oblivious of the fate
Death awaits close or a bit late

He struggles with his thoughts
Looking by far, for good  and lots

Gentleman he is, considers the foresight
Since strategizing is mankind's might

But is it any use?
It is like gambler's muse
Forging ahead in hope of morrow
For today lies in dark and in sorrow

Though, it's night, something's aglow
It's fire, to aid his sight
The dawn enters early,like sun was waiting below
A smile sprouts from the man so low

Did he just notice the distance,
That he had covered?
Maybe not, his path mingled at that instance
With yet another passenger
Strange, the sweat remains and also the pain
But more so, he disembodied his initial disdain

They keep crossing again and again
Life happens, they separate and lonely shall he yonder
How far is the destination?, I wonder

At last, he reaches a place
He trips but not fall
For he learned to save his face
from his self not from all
For they won't know or feel what he had felt
For human's life is a story, he had dealt

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