Hopes and Emotions

It was never the expectations that people held
But the hopes that melt
Melt, etched into heart for eternal bliss
away from the concept of desire and wish
wandering mind , flickering thoughts
A world with custom made gods
A boundary less Earth
A peaceful hearth
Hardships attack but in vain
We value mirth as well as pain
Forges forward with footsteps calm
Changing the lines of your palm
Beating the destined fate
To fit our own glory
Out of miserliness of fame
Write our own story
Such is the hope that is etched
Into the minds of far fetched
Smile waivers anxiety struggles
To a tomorrow made of hope
The path humbles
Even the hardest rope
A rope of care
To life unfair
Perhaps, we exist but not live
Indeed, we take and we give
What's left in between
Are the emotions honest but unseen

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