Red Leaves|Foundation of Future

Caress the Earth and know it’s pain

Bloodshed of war and lives in vain

Souls tormented and lives astray

In and on the thoughts dismay


Dirtied deeds, payment proceeds

Lush green are dreams unseen


All the while struggling ahead

Rubbers,tires hold the stead

Supported by tar choked to death

Cries the Earth to hold it’s head


Lies beneath are proofs of God

The one we cherish for our support

Knows his proofs, life at stake

For each evolution it tends to shape


Dug deep in it’s chest

Are towers standing high

Hiding near are slums

Whose existence might be a lie


Yet, the mother as the purest

Takes the worst and gives the best

For the hope is in the wild laugh and smile

For a greener tomorrow might shine


Learn from red leaves of dead

And rise high to raise their head

Change comes when you shall seek

For strength finds a way in humble and meek

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