Emotions Stubborn|Unexpressed Expressions

A stubborn stone stands tall and still
In the way of life astray
Weigh, they enough to thwart the hill

Stands atop the fear frightening
Of the details from some fighting
And revelations of operations
Goes to form a being called me
Sticking close are my fears, you see

Indeed they know what they think i am
But what remains is a doubt of scam
In a world of twisted tongues to be true
A few sacrifice the old for new

Ticks the time like a whish
Trouble the rubble as the wish
Open the gate in sight to peek
Fragrant flowers and rubbish that reek

Social is what we say
Private is what we think
Unique is our way
Fate is yet a similar thing
Falls the curtain final round
All that grows will be surround
Is it right to fight forlorn?
Or save some from being alone?

Decides the time and thy mind
Answers are all yours to find
Flee the bars of unseen
Look what does freedom actually mean

For self understanding and development I would suggest various books by the famous author:  Robin Sharma.

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