Wishes, Desires Needn’t be True or do they?

Perhaps all our wishes were not to come true

A few are better askew

For desire fall short of need

And the same kneels after greed

Yet dreams are all worth a try

They are reason why we touched the sky


Wonder what makes it differ

Is it the faith or reality that infer?

In the times to come we might lose

Other times we’ll have to let loose


Who does what and why is not all on actions

A bit is from hope and fight with distractions


Do we fail when we don’t achieve

Or is it setback for better eve?

Perhaps we were not to covet

But strive like there is no regret

And yet laugh at our fall

Because this is a small part of all


Smiles are all great and assuring

But do they need to be fake?

Even if heart is hating the struggling

Is there an actual need hiding

Perhaps that mask we wear so bright

In the end leaves us alone blind


Yet the hope that brings a cheer

Is all we need to steer

From the unforgiving plight

With the vigor to touch a new height


An inspiration from the book:Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K.Rowling. It is true that they have a movie but well, nothing beats a books.

This was a review of the first book of the Harry Potter series in my own way.

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