Thoughts and Dreams| Poem on Aims

Perhaps the times change

Along with the swift days

Night begin to estrange

Perhaps the other ways

Is where the truth lays


In middle of thoughts if being is intact

Change is outside but essence would act

Perhaps then one might say

Paths change but not the way


Dreams are conquered through sheer will

With the aid of patience of being still

Tackled hatred and triumph over ego

Accepting the change and then letting go


Dawns are splendid by sun so bright

So is true for a moonlit night


Drops of water on thirsty Earth

Like some fire to a kindling hearth

Cold but warm, rude but nice

Honest above rest and also lies


We are led by dreams out of sleep

We are tested by virtues we could keep

And yet they are forbidden to few

Like is sun away from dew


So, whenever we are swayed

Think of our dreams once beautifully laid

And trust ourselves before vigor would fade

For iron might lie in cold for ages

It’s when you keep striking without wages

That the end offers to rewrite those iron pages

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