Uniqueness|Shapes of Fates-Poetry

Out of unexpected, events unfold

The time gets numb, vigor goes cold

I don’t know if you were ever told

But what you are is what you withhold


A fortress our mind remains

Amidst the pits of wasted pains

Sanity is but a state

In which you fail but refuse to hate


The sisters of fate know it all

Who shall leap and who shall crawl

But humanity that they lack

Is enough to hold our back


Men lose temper in anguish

Hands go bloody in skirmish

What remains is the memories of red

Haunting each night while in bed


Circumstances beat and make

One story, multiple conclusions to take

Hence, forms a human unique in looks and otherwise

Some call it experience, you may call it wise


But who shapes who is a quest indeed interesting

Is it iron that changes or air that’s rusting


Fate’s like a chain of events

The thought one inhale is feeling that one vents


Know yourself, in order to rise

Be foolish enough to learn from wise

Because the largest lessons

Are often embodied by the smallest size

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