Rise Up| Chances

Moments of pain,hours of disdain

Fits of anger, confusions linger


Roams around a mind so vast

where seconds go slow and hours go fast

Looking up is for reverie is luxury

When the paths are same and blurry


Choices go haywire in air

And thereby flickers the flair


Yet, when one strives against the odds

Time astonishes and is summoned by lords

One never knows what may come at moment

Better be prepared than repent


For chance gone is not someone else’s mistake

But a disharmony between what you get and what you make


Rise each day for the sun never hides

It’s the water lying low that has to change the tides

And once it comes in view

The rays are enough to create something new


Such are our lives though small but bright

Begins in darkness and ends in light


You may fall as pre-monsoon shower, without effect

but it surely warns everyone to be intact

For something ‘might’ come

Will it be humongous or is it bum?

The choice in end, is all yours

The tree depends on roots for way it matures


Each day brings one closer to the untold

And every unknown is an opportunity lying in cold

Learn from past apply in present

For fate changes second by second, cent by cent


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