Boundaries of Success

Covered in the quilt of slumber

Into the depth of somber

idleness and fretting goes in vain

Because working is the one with gain


It takes either power or luck they say

Deciding for a failure and his way


Amidst the hope one could gather

Future remains as unpredictable as weather

It is ever changing as is the human nature

Can die in sorrow or believe in rapture


At times what changes is not the belief blind

But the striking revelations one might find

That before said being deemed to fall

There’s a world of winning as big his faith tall


Strike as if no one is watching you fail

Win as if you are the only who could hail

Laugh as a memory to tail

When your life will be in itself a mighty tale


The boundaries of success are bound by only imagination

As is the concept of making this world into different nation
Muster your self up in your eyes

For beyond that is the abode of skies

Encounter setbacks with a smile

For while at it you covered another mile


Each obstacle beaten is a step forward

Into the abyss of a strong body and heart


Take your time

Make your mind

Struggle is secondary

The goal is the target to find

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