Souls Depart|An elegy

We are all indeed fragile

Struggling to survive from erstwhile

And yet “survive” means not the same

For few it’s money for some it’s fame


And yet we face inevitable with empty hand

Memories in mind and deeds in end


Souls come and then depart

Learning and teaching with their art

Pain, anger, joy , surprise

Bottles of truth with drops of lies


Changes the course of countries altogether

In their service, not for hat’s feather


Empower,not the army, but also the self

Because the reality is there to dwelf


They work, they help, they laugh, they live

Earn, make and in end they give


For such men out there who thrive

If their’s one soul, they drive


They do not die

Not in world of almighty at least

For they part of sky

Hopeful as blue as oceans that feast


Soldiers defend artists complete

To lighten us all, not for feat


Blessed is human race indeed

That we do recognize their deed

For mother Earth shall remain

Till then,no such death will be in vain

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