Independence Day 2018| INDIA

bhagat singh

Let the fall be followed by rise

Let the sages be followed by wise

In the end it won’t come as a surprise

Freedom is where an Indian heart lies


The books shall be burnt to ash

The cruel ones might steal away our cash

And yet we shall mark ourselves in world and space

Because knowledge resides in the stories of our race


It took 200 years to take what was rightfully ours

Peace loving yet, after countless wars

Not because we abandoned peace

But because there are somethings that can never cease


It took more of will than muscle

A test for us to hustle


Of course, we pass

But we paid the price being divided into halves

Even today the remnants strive

Under the name of Kashmir they thrive


It’s been Independent for 71 years

Building castles of glory from loss and tears

We faced our plight

Victorious in each fight


Today, we stand all for one and one for all

Through our tests rose religions and faiths big and small

Thrives the subcontinent without a bawl

Ups and downs might come, we are ready for the brawl

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