Hence Humans Rose| A Tribute to Wild Boars

In the name of those who rose up when humanity needed them the most. Not all people have either the capability or the will what a lot of people in Thailand have done

-Hats Off to Saman Gunan



Twists of time

Change of chime

Billions of year

Earth grows, species besmear


They evolve, they change

They arrange and rearrange


Only to find a different legion

With all their mind, up for their own religion

Amidst, rose the human so small, so great

Intellect to know and change his fate


Grew to power, to find a reason

To live and thrive each season

Emotions entered along with heart

Love and hate together, yet apart


Hatred grew, mostly riots and violence

In the name of freedom and insolence

Anxiety swept, fear prevailed

In turn more of bad hailed


Still, eyes head towards sky

When in the need of hour, “humans” try

Because some do know, the value of high

Instead of being bound, they choose to fly


They bear the burden head on

Strive even harder when alone

For life is easy when wrong is right

What good is it to go down without a fight


Hence they learn and teach

Know themselves and thereafter preach

To a seeker world has a lot more

Today, they are humans what this Earth always longed for


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