Change to Rise

Rolls the tantrum of explosion

Changes occur, erosion and corrosion

Dust settles, takes some time

All in rhythm and some rhyme


Hence the earth, so big and green

With life, as a gift for hymn


Becomes a place for death and birth

Becomes a place to compete for dearth


In all the struggles, a home we seek

a place for fragrance, humble and meek

A place to laugh, a place to cry

A place to live, a place to die


Such big our hopes above the sky

In an attempt we change and try


We fail, we fall

Yet, wish to stand tall

Eyes for glory and for pride

Feet in dirt side by side


Human is to pain

As pain is to gain

Without it, success is in vain


Realize your worth

Rise for hearth


Know your heart

use your mind

Fates wait for your start

All yours to find

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