Humanity Exists

The sky is same under the sun

But difference is in the rhythm and hum

The clouds can be silver and bright

The same could be as hell’s dark and plight


In the end, the eyes matter

Look at the buildings’ glow or rubber shatter


Though they grow each day

The question is which way

Species human different, yet same

Each body, a conscience to tame


Failure hits hard, success grins

when whale flaps to soar in sky, it’s fins


Great thinkers were never too sane

A mystery unravels when you train

And hence, we know people so might

They know you’re your dark and your light


Somewhere a child cries

Complains about the toys

Little does he know the lies

Which founded these joys?


Asks a man, what is world?

Is it something gifted or something hurled?

Wars, tension, anxiety and fear

And burden which shoulders bear

Yet at the end of eve

There’s a fantasy we live


That perhaps tomorrow will be better

Heart’s will be warm and cool the weather

After all, hope is all that persists

In a world where humanity exists

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