Skin Black or White?

Both rise up, but at different times

Both set out, but rhythm to different rhymes

Both live on same Earth

But life is different, so is hearth

Dark is one other is light

Just like the sun keeps half side bright

Yet the no line to mark ambiguity

Such is human, both same moiety

We teach and preach in ways not same

But they teach similar, just by different name

A smile of innocence is all the way exact

Be it white or be it black

Curious smile, guilt free face

Oblivious to the upcoming race

And as they grow do they realize

World is not as clear as water and ice

It whitened into shades non black

Something that an Indian and African skin would lack

Here we are in 21st century of civilization

World divided and striking in as different nation

Forgetting where it all began

East brought civilization as west ran

The same sun rises on this side which shall set

So true the saying sow and beget

Need not prove thy mettle

Because winners never settle

Embark the journey, embrace each thorn

Reach the summit torn and worn

Bring facts and blow up the horn

Anyone can fail so shall you

Success is a case with nothing new

Whatever happens keep a smile and bid adieu

For you tried something, dared by a few

Thanks for the motivation: Christine Bolton

For the word Moiety

Please check out her beautiful website Poetry for healing

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