Eyes of Pen and Paper

Roll of stone swirls dust

The particles unclear just like lust

So little, too easy to ignore

Same is palpable when grows more


Some other time , the same dust rise

Different looks via same eyes

Looks as if struggle has begun

Will move until it has won


Such are eyes that a poet possess

To them failure is a shade just as success


Vastness  of our mind remains latent

With our talent they become blatant


They trigger a feel that feels a chance

Step up or down in order to enhance


Once under blistering sun, you scorch

A metal such as heart becomes hot

Even the line of hands applaud

Rewrite and strike, become your own god


One who believes is one who does

Get to work without a fuss


Pen and paper were never separable

It’s them that you become capable


Seep into the hearts with the art

Easy is life, struggle is hard


Observe, learn, love and teach

Only the burden is not to preach


Live a life worth your breathe

Pious heart, often seethe


Know that changes come when you think

This world is green and red in a blink

Rise up to your hearth, this Earth

Build an attitude to own up your worth

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