Choice is Yours

In a world full of hoax and prank

Sad ones are people frank

So much trapped in the world of glory

Each day feels like an unended story

Goals in mind, sleep in eyes

dreams of night brought with an early rise

Smile of hope and change to imply

A wishful will for body to rely

Events open on your face

Somebody calls an unnecessary race

Tiresome legs squeak under sun

This is all life is about, overtake and run

With this goes the zeal, dry like air

We cease the effort, life is not fair

Smiles down the almighty seeing you broke

He went down in single stroke

The next the cycle repeats

Making the man strangle in his own feats

Each day everyday he falls and stands

Shouldering burden and running errands

In the process, two options unfold

Get through day with aim uphold

Or pass your time, sleep and grow old

Here’s where the difference comes in tatters

Is it life or is money all that matters?

Choice is yours, hard but necessary for you

Life is right when you are true

So, Decide early, that is only thing you can do

Do you want mirth or a boss to woo?

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