Feelings Are….

Each wind scythe cuts deep

Needles prickle whilst sleep

Yet the day sunny, brings hope

To the shoulders seeking scope


Fear is nothing but a state of mind

lying in the way of wishes for you to bind

Once overcome, a road is set

Though the turns of obstacles, you beget


For frown was just a little

There’s a lot more in you to fiddle


Sins of your own and birth of new

A decor that is bound to be astrew


Pain is an ornament to be worn like a shackle

Wear it or bear it, decide how to tackle


Misery is metal of gold once dug

To be treated waste and shown smug


Anger is a mask to wear

To hide the feelings that world besmear


Feelings are but a part of this being

Shaped by fate and your own sight foreseeing


Still, there is room for mirth

Unless your mind is a materialistic hearth

When you have the will to win

Even if lose, again to begin

Yours is the sky to soar and so the Earth

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