The Gift from God |Poem on names

In a place of variety on each turn

Everywhere something new to learn

Each with an identity so unique, yet same

There’s one thing that speaks half of you, your name


Columbus roamed this planet through seas

A name of which, each one agrees


Alexandra the great, the conqueror of lands

Died along with times and sands

What we know of him is not face but name

Something gilded because of his aim


What’s in a name? once one did ask

That very line brought Shakespeare bask


Nothing can be engraved in the heart

Like a beautiful name and a splendid art



” The gift from God”  it means they say

So truly the name is named by the way


Though it is true

you’re not your name but it is you

The tides of time wash your feet

All that remains behind is your deed


Choose wisely your deeds, not name

In reality, this is more like a game

The harder the level, the bigger the feat

And even greater it goes when you repeat


Step up to the dreams unrealized

The joy goes greater when enlarge sized

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