This body ages, the mind changes

Through rustling pages and various ranges


The buildings stand, men die

Path changes, bonds untie


In the way, even more is undone

The waves wipe the shine

once in eyes, full of fun

Leaves only cycles of time


Away from howls of danger and risk

Lies a sulking soul, once was brisk


There was a day, shall he recall

Dreams were big, eyes were small

Realize where he had his fall

And will rise, never to stall


For that to come, laugh your heart

Let your life, reflect your art


Even if little is all it is known

Some harvest will come when that “little” is sown


For good or for bad

This is all men had

Some fell, covered in clad

Some rose to add


Now, we know who did

There were sparks lit

They ignited the world, as they saw fit


What we all seek is not a boom

But to roam away from where shades loom

For that, we might fall and be hurt

But it’s okay as long as we stick to our own word

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