Human Mind | All Yours to Find

the dunes of fear

High under the breeze

Lungs besmear

Under the moment’s freeze


The wind of time goes on

Swinging the traveler being forlorn


And he too. walks somehow, option less

Because, he believes, that is the road to success


Falling and rising and yet unwavered

Perhaps with faith, hard work is favored


Lands of mind

Fertile to find


All for him to discover

All for body to shover


Scales of black

Now, clear under sun

All to get what little he lack

All bad to overcome


Yet, when he laughs

Split, into two halves

Somewhere he craves for same

But that’s the cost of fame


Fertile is the human brain

Awaits a thoughtful, pious rain

Once begun, the same is a sea

Because we are under a chain waiting to be free

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