Faith Fathomable

Concepts of right and wrong

Old as human history long


Yin & Yang, good & bad, black & white

So truly to them do we abide


Yet, the night so black so pure

So much that people form lust and lure


Difference in opinion and thought

Makes this species ,a varied lot


So much same, yet apart

So soft spoken, yet hit so hard


There are people who fail

And some fail trying to tail

The journey they perceive as success

The glitter they believe in, above all the mess


Still, they say work smart

Then, is being deceitful just an art?

Human instinct is all but greed

Where’s the point in working hard?


Then again the faith fathomable is shallow

A mind infertile even if fallow

Thrust of laughter with a pinch of desire

Is all it takes to burn a holy fire


A fire, bursting bright

A pious, white light

Fueled by perspiration

Propagated by determination


Goes the man feeling low

Hard work wins, though a bit slow

2 thoughts on “Faith Fathomable

    1. Yeah miss Triste . I don’t quite understand why we fall in a race to compete and out shine in fact this is the reason I wanted to do poetry and blogging. Because I enjoy them and it is a part of none of the rat races on going in the world. Thanks for understanding.


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