Know Thyself| Poem on Human History

A history of martyrdom and freedom entailed

A journey of men who succeeded and have failed


The lone race to use resource of dirt

The lone race to wear clothes; pants and shirt


The only ones who value money more

A piece of paper to fill their store


Along the way increased the standards of living

Enlightenment entered preachers preached forgiving and giving


Still, the dark clouds of doubt loom

Development of weapons calls for doom

The proud gilded history kept aside

Once battle begins there are no rules to abide


Terror stricken grief bitten goes the fight

The winner shall decide who was right


So much for the most brained

At times, better are animals untamed

They live in herds and seek to gather

Don’t seek achievement or a hat’s feather


Aeons of lust

Visible on crust

We are but dust

Realization comes first


Know thyself, shall you know the world

You are your center, stir or be stirred

Once unstable, you’ll be caught in the mess so curled

Before that, know when to walk out of the herd

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