A Fierce Fire | An inspirational Poem

The amber of the fire is still aglow

Dimmed by the world’s timely snow

Touch and shall you know

A fierce fire is all set to grow


Splashes of rain

Smoke of pain

Are all a part of way

A small price one may say


My way is the way of me

Crude or rude whatever it maybe

I’ve developed in an unfathomable spree


Storms of laughter and tears

Solitude and togetherness all in years


A type of introvert

But if you assert

It won’t take long to convert

For it’s a lion lying covert


For we know the tides and the mile

We walk through thorns with a smile


Wandering in the air, ashes unburnt

By my will shall be governed

Where the mighty buildings will be overturned

Through the pages of history, shall move unconcerned


Don’t go on looks and tell how long I’ll last

For reference, have a look at my past

It’s by choice that I go slow or fast

Staying behind is no fun, hence the pace

Because I have with myself, an unending race

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