Introduction to war|Poem on Peace

For those who settle matters with spar

Beat it up and winner is star

Let’s have an introduction to war


Born out  of suffering and pain

Also out of greed and gain

Number of claimed lived, better not know

Unless you can count water drops in snow


At times with reason, mostly not

A field of trickery and deceit of all sort


Men die, families cry

Nation heeds, world’s high


The starter thinks of good, but whose?

They are both at fault, once out loose

Vision blury, hands full of power

Wanted to grow, started a war


The defenders have something to save

Even when they fight, peace is for what they crave

But home is too big a price to be paid

And hence, the lives of martyrs are laid


These are the men who stand for what they love

Holding gun in a hand and in other, respect all above


Of all the things cumbersome

An inevitable doom shall come

Lives of innocents becomes a game

Orphans born, widow’s pain, who’s to blame?


Economy falls, people cry

The youthful men to be cherished, die

Fathers sigh, brothers lie

Human is kind, but he must try


Before any good comes out of war

This Earth will be a black pit open ajar

Learn now, for repentance is regret

Each time you avenge, a same cycle you beget


[  Hats off to the defenders who are ready to give up their own life for the sake of their beloved, truly not everyone can know what true love actually means

Also, shame on the greed addicted pigs to whom lives is but a tool to gain power]

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