Together We Rise|Poem on Unity

Are there any shades of black?

Wonders the man under the sky night

Ridden to tech addicted to slack

Body, a lethargic stack


Dreams and hope struggle and fight

None the less, happy for what he strives

Eyes go dim that were once bright

Don’t know if the smiles’ of an illusion or his false might


God is one being considered to be owner of lives

For a true priest is neither a messenger nor his part

But someone who is content irrespective of worldly deprives

And wishes the same whenever one such arrives


Of all the creatures dumb and smart

Be it small or might huge

Each possess some emotions that thwart

Face of terminals his piece of art


Such versatility we own

Together we rise, apart we drown

Learn that you can change before you have to moan

Because other than time even our lives are a loan


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