Your Worth and Hearth|A Poem Through Life

As strong and tall trees, the will

Doesn’t fall, roots firm, help up the hill


The obstacles glory

Add to the story


A story of self pride

The valor to stride


The winds changed just like the time

Sunny at times otherwise rime


The thorn plucked out as a seed

As a new pain grows in feet


Unusual air hung in room

Some unnerving fears hereby loom


Risk of me being back

Adventure of journey which won’t lack


Up ahead, goes a stream

Beautiful indeed, it would seem

But does the same thing fast with the flow

Where’s the fun of being strong though slow


Lesson of life taught the way hard

As if into the face one might thwart

Who knew how to truly stand before a fall

A rule of living; work, rise and stall


Just as the moment world doesn’t suit your mood

Might be life,complains,people or the food

Think of your own worth

Without the challenges of your hearth

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