Forge the Mentality| A Poem on Attitude

A man sane enough to run

A human sane enough to silence the stun

Could escape the tyranny of eyes

Which controls the world with their lies


The dark human is unnamed

His deeds untamed


True to instinct of flesh

Against the humanity’s success


Words to full of void

Fake smile one can’t avoid


Forge, if you think you can

Not always coward is one who ran

At times, know yourself and decide

What would it take to subdue the mental xenocide


Your laughter is the fuel of life

It’s murder is now too rife


Weigh your words, not your deeds

Count your life in laugh, not in feats


Rise above a mentality now ripe

Change within, can result in wipe

of a world where no one’s great

And everyone enjoys his own fate

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