Realization, trust and hypocrisy

Sometimes, realization is not hard

What is difficult is trust

Since our civilization is all smart

Yet, the bonds are rust


They break with a jerk or two

Leaving a gap for us to do


Self pity and ego throw us around

Each scream dies in silent sound

We have faith only in our sight

Because we ourselves are hypocrite


A considerable time has gone

Smoke and tragedy are now a part of Amon


Nukes set up to show off

In the same country men won’t even get an easy loaf


The sun sends all it’s vibes via light

To use them and shine bright


But we tend to ignore the good ones

And our own insanity outruns


Dreaming to be Adon

We tend to go alone

Forgetting the simple fact

We survived till now because together we used to act


Species came and species went

Each one held onto something till the end

Don’t make it money, because it is in trend

There’s a reason we wish to cherish someone as a friend

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