Worry Way Much | A Poem on Anxiety

Consumed by an aura of anguish

Decision based to relinquish


Where walking ahead means severing past

Where even a small dream cannot dream to last


Longing, for the quiet in rush

As if to fake laughter must be hush


Worrying about future we live our day

Planning is different it leads the way

Here, we let our thoughts astray

And then wonder why wishes drift away


Money ,of course, makes a difference

But somewhere we left the variance


Learn, small things that differ, in fact

Makes a human opposite of exact


This Earth is run by anxiety, depression

Fueled by other feelings like agression


Breaking promises, rupturing heart

The heat comes up in the form of art


Yet, not all could do the same

Some choose a different way to tame

And then begins, a journey of vengeance

Followed by a spree of repentance


Though, it won’t really matter

If only an opener could exist

To someone’s aid before they shatter

Then, I believe, hope might persist

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