A Poet’s Paradise|A Utopia of Faith

Away from the rumble of peak hour

Away from rubble farther from how much we are


There’s a place that might be

Beyond the slope of evils to see


Where hope cherishes

And hate perishes


Where eyes look unto tomorrow

Where there’s a lesson in each sorrow


Where you fall and merrily you rise

I believe in something I call the poet’s paradise


A utopia of my faith and wish

Where peace of mind, a reality is

A simple smile and merry eyes

Away from howls and cries


We might fail

Lose dream’s trail

But run for it, with heavy breathe

Take the turn and leave the seethe


Injuries might incur

But no war shall occur


Countries shall compete

But none to beat


Money might matter

But not as much as for bonds to tatter


Such is the hope which, within, lies

Someday humans could look at themselves with proud eyes

And laugh alongside with no demographic boundary to bind the ties

Such is my faith, in A Poet’s Paradise


{   Ever wondered what type of world will it be? well, if you want to try you may give your own point of view in the comments who knows there might be other like you!!   }

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