Thy Must Brace|Under the Artificial

Out into the quivering cold and sly

Night oblivious and land so dry


Sets a journey under the artificial light

Before the sun, the rush is bright

The hours deafening, no peace in sight


The man and success is called a dream

The man and obsession, failure redeem

Human history is full of both

Both worked hard, none were sloth

Ever wondered, why is there a difference seen?


We fell too hard and rising hurts

And a never existing fear unearths


Something that says hope is dead

Something that says pray or dread


And a money machine takes the lead

A different being, from same breed


We run after comfort, abandoning the same

We give up dignity, to earn fame


I don’t know why have we changed

Maybe the times rearranged


But the fact is, it is a rat race

With no individuality or face

Before you begin thy must brace

For human is to humanity, not to pace

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