Hollow Howls|Endure, Hope and Live

A Moment of extreme pain is worth a life long glory                     -Louis Zamperini


Endure, to the ends of Earth

Hope, from the sky to the hearth

Live, all that you are worth


It takes courage to strike and run

It takes valor to toil away even from sun


We fall each day with out knowing

Each laughter is a silent bellowing


We fail to achieve what we aim

Of course, we choose to blame

At times, it is forgotten

A part of soul is now rotten


Hollow howls of anguish, dust

Our eyes now covered with lust




For when you strike, world hits back

It hurts wrong way when you slack

Once you learn that nothing is just for nothing

You’ll learn the value of working


And then shall the pain housed in you

Which was once agony so true

Shall be Born anew

And body of balance like leaf and dew


Take your chance and your feel

There’s a difference between life real and reel

Look for opportunity, no need to steal

For you never known, what awaits in the time’s wheel

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