Tides Of Time | An Old Man’s Words

Man is a being inquisitive

Wondering all way “what” should he believe


Not seeing, the fact finding is his call

The very reason to rise after every fall


Winter brittles the teeth

Summer goes hard on feet

Just like in the wait of spring

He repeats without defeat


Caring and nurturing dreams once laid

Only to ensure when life shall fade

That past was not bitter

In fact, I made it worth a glitter


Don’t make me a celebrity for something despicable

The guilt of that would be too palpable


The cries and laughter where go in vain

I can endure even higher pain

Just one thing I ask, don’t let someone’s hopes be slain


“Long live” is not what I shall ask

Just a life without the need of a mask

For all near and dear ones so cose

Also for him who wish he could have rose


Rise now, time shall not wait

Before the storm within tries to abate

Take the first step, else you’ll be late

Just one step and you’ll realize you never were afraid


For tides of time shall pass lords would call

Step out one last time no matter big or small

Stretch out one last time before the curtains fall

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