Abundance Of Life|Poem on Humanity

Just like a dust particle in sun ray

Just like a shiny needle in hay

Just like The Earth seen from one light year away

Exists a human, within a planet to stay


Lost somewhere in this vast expanse

With our own joy and repentance


Facing the small betrayals while at it

Struggling to attain what seems fit


Source of life, the sun shines

Abundant as always, yet man whines


Complains for tiny matters

Like why light through a prism shatters

Why the heat rises or why the coal depletes

Ignoring what the extinct going eye pleads


We may not live long enough

But as much as we do, it shouldn’t be rough

Called forth the doctors to heal

But even they can’t do anything to the lost zeal


still, A tiny dot sparkles in light

High on hope enlightens the bright

Life of abundance is abundance of life

A small simple way to rise over rife


Even if small, we have the right

To be the change and widen the sight

We have gone wrong, in time we shall change

Becasue humanity persists, when times themselves estrange

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