Why I Write|How to Write a Poem

It began as an expression

I noticed some impression


I’m not aware how it did

But I remember, how was it


I realized I can give rhythm and write

The feelings came out which I usually hide


I cared less what they would think

And there it was within a wink


I understood poetry was not only passion

It was my way of aggression and regresion


My anger and gloom no longer aimless

And my guilt eased with self confess


Times changed and I wrote more

Each time, a different topic to score


Soon, the realization dawned

Something unique had been fawned


It was hidden but calling was loud

No matter who said what, I felt proud


My shyness gave way to pen

It was as if, I was the old as well as the new gen


Today, I write maybe to impress

But those too are emotions I could not supress


My mates helped me when no one could

I stand for myself whenever I should


Now it is a journey of five years

My pen and papers holds countless laughter and tears

Maybe, I’m still not good to all the ears

But heart knows how it feels when a poem sears


I know not exactly “why” I write

But when readers can associate to their life maybe wrong maybe right

I feel their is more to this journey than rules to abide

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