Yours is The Way, Yours the Endevour

You are what you truly want

A complex way for cosmos to grant

But it’s all on you, now or never

Yours is the way, yours the endeavour


It takes time for sure

But it becomes a fun tenure


What we fail in, is to begin

Your first step decides half win


It’s always too early

Trivial things are held too dearly


It’s when you let them go

And let the flow of heart lead the show

It might not be best

But contentment will be the greatest


Many have fallen as a proof of risk

because the fear increased the whisk

But their also have been a few

who took moisture of life as dew

And wrote history anew


History is full wars and despair

But also of men too close to not to adhere


I know I might fail, yet again

But then it does not matter

For when you begin fresh and forget the pain

You shall know time was never to be restrain


But a feel of urgency, it gave

Be it’s master not a slave

Sure the winds do waver

But beauty of a flags rises when they stagger

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