Way Of Words

In this tiny space of ours

Preoccupied by conflict and wars


United by machines, divided by land

Different ideas for a similar stand


A long way has been covered by far

Still we don’t know what we are

“Human” we say, beast we act

Though painful, but a fact


We were given power to express

Too far for luck to press


We are now a linguistic race

With various mouths, hardly a face


The language developed even more

Refined from an existing ore


But, somewhere on the road

We made a gap too large to afford


Hypocrites were born

Lies were sworn

Even when kind one spoke

Interpreters took it for poke


Know what you speak, speak what you know

Because the history reeks of the show

When words were fast and actions slow

And we got the worst of what wars could bestow


Such a way words hold

Can etch in heart, never to be old

Mark your words, when they are cold

For, a spree of events they can unfold

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