Everyone Goes On

If you find a heap of happiness

There is a prick of sadness


Everyone has his own hard way

But have to move, on they can’t stay


Time’s tick n tock keeps going

We have to be fast it’s risky if slowing


Change in attitude

Loss of gratitude


Growing up you may say

All maturing in their way

Much things grow great

And some start to decay


Nothing remains the same

Neither the face nor the fame


Everyone is different

Some are and some were radiant


This journey has taught me a lot

Fluctuating my belief in the lord


May be all of us did

Because back then we never hid


Today we are afraid

Of life, of career and of dreams once laid


How could i hope of more

When I can’t afford to ignore


My cult, my passion

Still I have to go on

Because, like everyone I have to

Develop a something called prominent profession

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