Hopes Unconquered

Perhaps this person would say someday

Power is all we need to make a way


But as of today, time demands

A true heart without reprimands

After each fell who somehow rose

Who favored those, least bloody path who chose


The world today is not grief stricken

If something it is, it is power bitten

Bitten with self consuming hate

Surviving on ashes of fate

Eyes that fail to comprehend

Even if there’s something  they could amend


They believe destruction is the only way

Where a new world could begin astray


Seekers seek vengeance

An escape from grievance

A leap into oneness

A step away from this mess


And yet with hopes unconquered

Struggling without ever to be surrendered

Even when Gods thundered

They were great, yet outnumbered


A being that could persuade the skies

To meet the hell and deceive the lies

A thinking that soars in low and highs

An attribute of warrior and saint like sighs

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