Dawn of a Better Tomorrow

Another dawn breaks

The darkness slowly fades

Men and Women on morning rites

Praying in home or running at sites

The birds chirping in the sky

Begins another day with something more to try

The time picks pace

The rush hour is a race

The job seekers go and growl

The job doers do a silent howl

Half asleep, half awake

Begins the trip to remake

The loss of yesterday’s sorrow

Which was supposed to be better tomorrow

Going into the world head held high

Leaving their dreams, without the slightest of cry

Perhaps, this is what keeps us going

A way to keep calm of life’s throwing

We put our faith in future better than past

Knowing that forever nothing can last

Not even the great or the worse

Because time can heal any of the curse

It’s the action we do at present

Which decides if we rejoice or resent

And, even if everything didn’t go right

The other day will bring another chance to give a fight

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