A Screen in Life|An Introspection

Projections of revelations

The truth of retaliations


They say, in death every event passes by again

Each laughter to live and relive the pain

A screen of life lived till date

Steps to or from the fate


It is then they realize

All they had, was enough to suffice


The need of being of any age

It was only greed that misconceived the wage


I Wonder why so long it takes

For death is only when it’s too late

That is when dug deep are stakes

No scope left for stakes


That screen actually reflects you

The very self hidden but true


The one rotting with anxiety and stress

Adding further to dark with distress


I don’t know how many got to smile

After building a self worth while


It’s all about you and your beleif

The innocence in each mischief


A world made better to survive

A quest worth the strive

Is what the humanity needs without needing to compensate

For only those make it who try befofre it’s too late

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