Tomorrow Might Not Be|An inspirational Poem

The soft falling shower

Seems to come from so far

I wonder, is it a messenger of a star


It brings the love which was due

With a fragrance always anew


It embraces it’s affection to the soil

Making every member of world feel free toil


It’s beautifully intensified voice

Brings a sparkling fire of rejoice


It travels all the way from that cloud of sky

Which asks us to always watch high


We are everything but God

Everything comes under what we can afford


Living life just breathing

Might make you, for once, easing


But look how short it is

Compared to each wish

Just like the shower ends

There’s a time when you depart from your friends


After a small time, we’ll not be here

we’ll end the journey from the last stair


Soon’ we’ll be memory

So will be our kindness and fury


Give your best in now, It’s all you possess

Tomorrow might not be, and so goes for success


Embrace every beauty, it’s not in water molecules

Neither it is in sarcastic ridicules

It’s in the drop of love,affection and peace

It’s in the hope that hope and happiness shall never cease

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow Might Not Be|An inspirational Poem

  1. Very nice work. Your writing is an honest and sincere narrative, filled with genuine emotions and talent. I enjoyed reading this. I hope you could follow my blog, maybe you’ll get inspired too. Thank you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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