Perfectly Imperfect|Limerick Inspired

Such games the almighty plays

The player learns to laugh in maze

Though we can’t resurrect

But we’re perfectly imperfect

A simple fact blinded in blinding haze


Look at the moon so bright

A white pure and pious light

And yet it has spots

to be precise, blots

Still the emission is so much like sprite


The blasts of fate are best known to Japan

Much more than any country like Pakistan

And yet, there it is

developing with a wizz


Imperfections in disasters caused us to evolve

It is the very center around which our live revolve

People will laugh on anyone who is odd

Forgetting the fact each has a battle to be fought


Reality changes as it is moldable

Fate bends as it is holdable

Had life been as perfect as we want

You would have let feelings of emptiness haunt


So many wars were engaged in the name of right

Both side considering their light to be bright

Left us with nothing but grief

That is one imperfection that can’t give relief


Right or wrong is for you to decide

Each action has a power to pacify or incite

In the end of all

It’s the things small

Which keep the big loop from again to recite

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