Education Fixature

It’s been more than trillion years of Earth

A few million years since human built a civilized hearth


In that span a lot changed

Every bit itself rearranged


Military weaponry widened scope

Classical music evolved to hip hop


Books became electronic

Jets achieved speed sonic


Everything evolved including air and life

Everything, but one denied the rife


The classes still remain four walled

The same used and overhauled

It still includes the same books

same hours and same type hooks


Till some time it was tradition

Now, it is an unnecessary condition

The generation’s too far to accept the same

because uniqueness is reflected even in their name


The job scope widened till infinite

And the system finds it hard to move along side


Resisting change is human nature

But it turns into failure fixature


Unless, the school teaches life than facts

Unless, they teach the truth of dynamic than static

Unless, accepting enacts and stubbornness retracts

For only when one learns living, life becomes ecstatic

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