And Hence They Depart

Times come and go

On this stage, to put up a show


The sun remains perennial

Witnessing each second, a million

So does the waves so large

Assisted by wavering winds to barge


What changes is the transient being

We know, what it means by “time fleeing”

We witness wondering and wandering

Surviving and assisting for we might be weakling


Every departure gives some lesson

Something out of the tearing cohesion


Each face holds a side

Though occasionally they can’t subside


The last of what we see while we depart

Some of the things that were hidden from the start


A face stern holding back the untold

Laughing and crying to uphold

That bit of time skips a heart beat

Just a wave of hand in the moment’s heat


Well, change is now a fact

Changing characters in the act

We stand tall today because of the memories intact

Because such way our will was forged to inact

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