The Sun And The Life

Under the sun so bright

Reigns the looming light


Song of freedom, brings those rays

A meaningful look to the face


Each of it is source of our life

Every action good or strife


Such is the one with all power

Not the the biggest but the kindest star


The warmth alone reaches the land

Resulting in various mountains and sands


God resides in every bit

even dim is, to the seeker, heavily lit


Faith is not something that demands evidence

It’s when you lose it, you must know repentance

Neither would I suggest faith blind

We have only one requirement, always be kind

Because It’s not about religion for there is only one God

It’s humanity that humans need to sort


For whenever you fall, mostly rise in the god’s name

We are a mere image of our own set aim

Failing which, there’s never anyone but you to blame

And still we do it, why? In the God’s name

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